“Strong Hugs, Weak Ego”

I prefer it on the edge. I’d rather be trailblazing than enjoying the ease of a trail.
Even so, sometimes it’s hard not to feel a sting when I see others get press or recognition for things I’ve experimented with in the past.
The sting fades quickly when I remember that 1) it is the joy of discovery that gets me excited and 2) If I believe in the concepts, then I want to see them fulfilled by any and all.
Tonight I saw that “We Live In Public” won a best Doc award at Sundance. As someone who lived for 2 years in an experimental webcam house, it’s stings to see someone else get recognition. Granted, that project was 100 times more impressive and worthy of attention…but Ego can be childish.
I also was sent a link to GlobalHugTour.com tonight.
I was a bit taken aback since I had been working with a designer on “Hug Tour 2009” shirts this very week.
Obviously I want any love-based concept to succeed in any form, but my Ego likes to whine.
And fears start to creep up. Thoughts like, I may be forced to “compete” with that project for attention (and possibly money.)
Plus they use the term “Hug Ambassador,” got an endorsement from Gary Vaynerchuck, and we both want to be on Oprah!
I recognize how ridiculous it is to feel ownership over a “Hug Tour.” And Amma (The Hugging Saint) is really the Supreme Queen of Hug Tours, anyways.
So give me a moment to just let this temporary Ego surge calm down and then we can all work together to make the world more love-filled and amazing.
Okay, I’m better now.

Every Day is a Parade (some more than others)

Andicat & I joined a glorious little parade to celebrate a new president! It was so wonderful to walk proudly through the streets with other love-filled folk.

The North Country Times ran a story about the parade and included a quote from me. (Basically, I just re-told a story I had told at HugNation an hour earlier about the day Reagan was shot.)

The Reagan Story:

for more great political confessions, check out this week’s video on FEARS. REGRETS. DESIRES.

email to my folks

Mom & Dad,
Today had been pretty amazing for me.
My first real political “win.” (sure, I attended a rally for Dukakis. And I voted for Clinton…but I gave some real $ to Obama)
Your influence steered me towards being a Democrat, but this time around I truly embraced a candidate on my own.
I participated in a parade. (And explained to a reporter that I was NOT marching for Obama…I was marching for the USA.)
I was on the homepage of nbc.com right below the new president.
I talked to Mom live on the air during HugNation.
I spoke to Dad on the phone tonight.
Grandpa has been on my mind all day – as I mentioned to mom, the timing of the homepage placement was like the universe telling me, “Yes, Grandpa’s influence is still important… but YOU are the soldier now.”
I am not so naive to think that a presidential change is more than symbolic…
But the symbolism is significant.
I thought I would always be a part of the “protected fringe.”
But today my candidate was sworn in.
And today I was on the homepage of a major media outlet.
Politics is politics… it’s the social flow beneath it that gets me excited.
And yes, I am excited.
Thank you.
Thank you for the guidance. Thank you for the trust. Thank you for accepting me when my choices were counter to the status quo.
I feel so blessed. SO BLESSED to have had the upbringing I did.
I am so proud to be your son.
I hope I can continue to make you proud.
with boundless love,