shorn and sticker-crazy

Cut my hair SHORT. 4 guard in the back/sides. 6 guard on top. First time I’ve ever had a haircut done entirely with clippers. (Which gives me the dangerous confidence that I can cut my hair myself.


I also have replying to comments on latest video and spending WAY too much time on this sticker design. (4 inches x 4inches). I think I’m finally happy with it. (But ask me again in the morning.) 🙂

yet another sticker design


I’ve been creatively salivating as I get excited about the upcoming SXSWi festival.

I am speaking a few times and leading a few Hugs. Plus my mind is swirling about some ideas that I’m hoping to bounce around and get advice about.

Design in progress, with unknown purpose:

these are a few of my favorite things

I ordered a couple of these shirts (they also say ‘Love more.’ and ‘Fear less.’ on the sleeves.)
HugNation Tour Shirt - SXSW version
(click for close up of design)