NBC.com – "Web Dreams"

The new NBC.com video is “SXSW Dreams,” with Zadi Diaz & Steve Woolf* & Todd Huffman.

Although the days I spent at SXSW were FILLED with awesome moments, I only managed to tape a few.

What can I say? I got caught up in experiencing the event. (Thank goodness for photogrpahers like Lan Bui, Scott Beale, and Maggie.)

At first I was frustrated with myself.

I had planned on doing a bunch of short interviews.
I even had several cards printed up beforehand to make it easy for interviewees.

But I only managed to interview 3 people. *sigh* I told Skampy (FRD’s producer) that I blew it.

But when I got home and watched the footage, I realized I had all the awesome I needed.

I kinda tricked Steve & Zadi. After they did an awesome interview with me, I put the camera on them.

Steve’s answer was honest and sincere…but I didn’t include it.

I asked him the “easiest” question I had, “What one meme/product would you banish forever.”

I guess I thought SXSW’ers would love a chance to be snarky. But Steve rejected the low hanging fruit.

Steve’s answer was filled with a reverence for all things web. With love & respect for the web’s (occasionally annoying) diversity.

So while his answer helped me tremendously on a personal level, when I turned the camera to Zadi, I quickly switched to my other card, “What is your dream for the web.”

So that is the subject of this video.

What is wonderful, is that to me, “Fears. Regrets. Desires.” itself is a step towards my dream. (Link to my original intro video).

The other person I interviewed was Todd Hoffman.
Todd was called, “The most interesting person at SXSW” by @acarvin. And I agree.

From cryogenics, to body modification, to teaching tech in Afghanistan….the guy has a LOT to share.

(And before this week, I only knew him as a kickass Esplanade neighbor from Burning Man. )


(Btw if you want to record your own answer on YouTube or whatever, definitely link to it in the comments!)

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