HugNation @ 1:00 (pacific)

TOPIC: Thinking BIG. Being small.

My head is swirling with ideas in Michael Port’s Think Big Manifesto.

I’m also struggling with ambition and it’s effect on peace of mind. I wrote a little about it yesterday, today I’ll discuss on HugNation.

Do you need to have an ego before you lose it?
How can we make goals without being attached to them?
How can we make sure those goals come from the right place?

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Thinking BIG. Being small.

Atlas Pink aka "Atlas Hugged"

In the first movie,Conan The Barbarian is asked, “What is best in life?”

Arnold replies in thick Austrian accent, “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women.”

Substitute women lamentations with screaming MTV fans, and the modern equivalent still rings true to most Americans.

The dream of fame, success, and accomplishment is almost universal in our culture. But even as I strive for goals, I’m starting to question them.

I’ve been reading “Think BIG Revolution” ( and love how accessible it is. I feel inspired and start to hear, “You can DO it!” in my head.

But something is nagging me as I read.

The problem is that I’ve also been listening to Jacob Glass a lot, too. He lectures about “A Course In Miracles” and recently introduced himself as a “De-motivational Speaker.”

Jacob warns about wanting to be special and the insidious side of Ambition.

Sure, we are all special and unique. But we are also all exactly the same. Our “special” ego needs are what keep us running on that treadmill, unable to truly enjoy the present moment. Unable to feel that connection with Source.

You can see why these 2 perspectives would make a person conflicted.

I find myself nodding in agreement to both.

The great men I admire never set out to be great. In fact, their greatness came from acting from an Ego-less place.

And yet my mind is constantly conjuring BIG ideas, visions, and projects.

I feel joy when I think & act big. I feel peace when I think and act small.

While far from resolved, I try to remind myself to be a tool of the universe. To float more and steer less. I may be inspired to do big things. But I need to check within often. Is this direction coming from a divine place? Or am I feeling the pull of fame and admiration?

Being such a spiritual infant, it can be hard to tell.
So I try to stay aware of my motivations and continually ask, “Am I making this decision from love?”

I still hold to the idea that a middle ground is possible. A path of grand world-changing from an ego-less place of love.

Now THAT is a big idea.

proposed titles for new cards.

I was inspired by Tobias on Arrested Development & decided I want a simple calling card.

Just name, title, and email.

Name: John Styn

Now the hard part is deciding WHAT title & WHICH email!?

Since I’m not an Analyist/Therapist, Tobias’ title won’t work (although I’m still tempted to make an homage card.)

Social Media Provocateur
Web Immersion Specialist
Pixelated Visionary
Digital Integrity Evangelist
Meatspace Division of Royal Pink Productions
Love Producer
Appreciative Participant
Bliss Wrangler

Maybe I need multiple choice cards, with checkboxes.

Meh, I’ll just stick to writing my name on bricks and tossing them through windows.