Egg hunts are for babies.
Here are some ways to make your Easter fun more EXTREME!

1) Play “Century Club” with Cadbury Eggs. (Eat 1/minute for 100 minutes.)

2) Use non-hard boiled eggs in your Easter Egg Hunt. Every time you find one, eat it raw, on the spot, like Rocky.

3) Sculpt a life-size sculpture of Jesus on the cross using (at least) 1000 marshmallow Peeps all smashed together. [photo removed by authorities].

4) Screw eggs, have a BEER BOTTLE HUNT!

My family’s annual Beer Hunt:

Grandpa Caleb on Easter (1912-2006)

If you are a LOST fan, check out this Dharma Initiative “Easter” Video:

and Bill Hicks on Easter (NSFW)

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