proposed titles for new cards.

I was inspired by Tobias on Arrested Development & decided I want a simple calling card.

Just name, title, and email.

Name: John Styn

Now the hard part is deciding WHAT title & WHICH email!?

Since I’m not an Analyist/Therapist, Tobias’ title won’t work (although I’m still tempted to make an homage card.)

Social Media Provocateur
Web Immersion Specialist
Pixelated Visionary
Digital Integrity Evangelist
Meatspace Division of Royal Pink Productions
Love Producer
Appreciative Participant
Bliss Wrangler

Maybe I need multiple choice cards, with checkboxes.

Meh, I’ll just stick to writing my name on bricks and tossing them through windows.

4 thoughts on “proposed titles for new cards.”

  1. hi, i’m a new fan of yours. you inspired me to buy some hot pink biz cards. i stole one of your title ideas…protagonist. i hope that’s ok:)

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