I say a lot of crap.
Most of the time I believe it.
And sometimes I question myself.
“Would I be preaching ‘positive thinking’ from a wheelchair? Or would my pink colored glasses crunch under the weight of hardship?”

But every once in a while something happens that makes me think this whole “spreading the pink” Lifestyle Artist path is just perfect.

This week Dineen sent me a link to a picture on her Flickr stream that her son drew.

(First off, I looooove children’s art. Picasso said it took him a lifetime to learn to draw like a child. Children draw what their mind’s eye sees, not simply what their eyes see.)

I only met Alex once, 2 years ago. (He is now in Kindergarten)

“Mommy, you remember our friend — is he our friend or our uncle? — our friend with the hugs and the pink hair? I drew a picture! That’s him, and that’s his hug truck. Can we send it to him?”

Portrait by Alex (Kindergarten)

Alex, you made my week.

photo in Dineen’s stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dineen/3506309906/
photo of Hugmobile that inspired Alex:

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  1. Kids can do amazing things until they’re told that they can’t do those things well. I need to remind myself of that daily and strive to remember that I can do amazing things too.

  2. This plastered a big smile on my face. What an honor for you to have made such a wonderful lasting impression.

  3. Honestly

    I think I asked myself that about the same thing. As long as I have known you, you have always managed to be comfortable. I dont htink I hve ever seen you struggle for money or struggle to eat. This is not to say you are spilling money out of your ears, but that you have managed to hit that equilibrium which is rare in these economic times.

    I asked myself the same thing, dont you worry. I remembered how down looked up to me during that 10+ month depression. Part of the pit was being down on myself because I wasnt my normal optimistic-but-carries-an-umbrella self.

    Then I saw this boy’s picture. I thought again….maybe those two anecdotes/scenarios dont matter.

  4. Obscura – well said. It reminds me of the quote, “Be careful how you view the world… it IS that way.”

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