Hug Translations?

The 2 million member "Hugs" group on Facebook is doing a National Hugging Day in June.
I’m working on a T-shirt design.

IF YOU CAN HELP TRANSLATE "Global Hugging Day" into a language not on here that would be awesome! (but I need it QUICK) Otherwise I gotta go with the Babelfish options.
(hi-res jpg or vector file… or tell me where I can get a font.)

world hugging Day T

9 thoughts on “Hug Translations?”

  1. Your German and Russian tranlations are off.

    The German should be: Globaler Umarmungstag or Globaler Knuddeltag, but the latter refers only to romantic hugging. A shirt covering both types–hugs for friends, family AND hugs for sweethearts–would have both translations or give only the first one.

    I don’t know how to give you the correct Russian other than as a graphic in a screen shot because I do not know how to get the Russian letters onto the Internet. What you have now looks like an illiterate attempt to say “Global day for grabbing”doesn’t sound very good! Give me an email address and I can send you Russian options as an attached graphic if that would help.
    The shirt is a nice idea, especially in this time of so much bad news.

  2. The language is Gujarati(one of the many Indian languages). It can be spelt as
    Vishwa Aalingan Din

  3. your greek translation is wrong…it should be…”Παγκοσμια ημερα αγκαλιας”…hug friend hope i helped a bit…

  4. Глобальные охватить день is incorrect Russian phrase! We don’t speak like that!
    It will be Всемирный день объятий. in Russian it’s better to use the word “Worlds” that means “Всемирный” instead the word “Global” “Глобальный”

  5. The one in Arabic (4th one) is all wrong.
    it should be “اليوم العالمي للضم”
    it looks wrong because the image was generated in a software that doesn’t support the language.
    I can provide you with the vector if you need it.

  6. Thank you!  The t-shirt is on hold rigth now, so not sure if/when it will be printed.  But I would love the vector if it is ever convenient!



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