Birthday Thanks

THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes! I feel so blessed.

(Here’s a short video of my parents & brother skipping with me yesterday after lunch.)

3 thoughts on “Birthday Thanks”

  1. i love that your dad is wearing a pink tie.

    my b-day was last week, too! happy happy, gemini twin!

  2. I feel so blessed to see all these parts of your life…to see growing and changing. To see one Caleb getting ready to leave this earth while another was on the start of his journey here. This video of you and your brother and parents made me smile. Because so few of us get this sort of unconditional love and maybe just maybe *seeing* it, and seeing what it creates when it’s done right…makes us remember how to keep giving it and not just receiving it. So much love to you on your birthday. This world is a better place with you in it.

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