“You can’t stop here…”

My Burning Man camp saw on a message board that a party was being thrown in Northern California next week called, “Bat Country.”
The flier said it was a Burning Man camp fundraiser and even used our Sacred Bat (drawn for us by Ralph Steadman) on the back.

Holy MOLY!  Ralph Steadman blesses Bat Country

Responses on the Bat Country email list ranged from disbelief to elaborate plans for retaliation.

Before anyone committed to bloodshed, I posted a notice to the thread:
Note: There is an existing Burning Man Theme camp called “Bat Country.” see “visitbatcountry.com.”

The party promoter apologized and quickly tried to make things right.

Luckily, it did not end there.

The Godfather of Bat Country replied:

Greetings from The officially endorsed Bat Country® camp. I am their attorney. Our many agents have caught wind of your event and I see have already warned you about usage of our sacred bat bequeathed to us from the left hand of Gonzo itself, Ralph Steadman. It would be extremely prudent of you to not further defame the Sacred Bat. One who did was eaten by a plesiosaur off the coast of Hawaii and another spontaneously combusted on her wedding day.

While your response seemed earnest and just, the only way to truly cleanse yourself of any residual bad karma will be to attend our 4th annual Hunter S Tuesday party on the playa and bring an offering to the one true sacred bat. The list of offerings can be found on page 1 of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
We will be listed among registered theme camps on the playa and our activities and whereabouts can be follwed here: http://www.visitbatcountry.com/

As HST said “God’s mercy on you swine”.

Dr. Zayaz Esq.


Hunter’s spirit is alive in you – my old, weird friend.

3 thoughts on ““You can’t stop here…””

  1. I love it! In true Burning Man fashion, their “punishment” is to come party with you. Beautiful! Home Sweet Home…less than 90 days away!

  2. I agree with Kelly Fay. This is the epitomy of what burning Man is about when it comes to conflict resolution. I wish my furry friends could understand this better.


  3. glad you said something, and glad kip did too! i hope they take us up on the ‘punishment’ – if they’re about HST and ‘bat country’, then i’m sure they’re equally weird and loveable, just like the real Batcountry.

    viva la sacred bat!

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