Trying To Do Good (plus me singing)

In addition to “touchy-feely” projects like HugNation, my company, Royal Pink Productions also does consulting for Fortune 500 companies. I’m very lucky to have amazing clients and creative projects.
Recently, (responsible for a series of uber-catchy commercial jingles) asked me to help grow their Social Media network.

While in the process of pitching ideas, I found out a friend of mine had Cancer. Since he is straight-up awesome, he decided to take his diagnosis and turn it into a fund-raising/awareness raising game. (See “”)
As I was putting together proposals for marketing efforts, it occurred to me:

What if instead of spending the money marketing TO people, we ASK people to subscribe to our page and then give that money to charity? If we could use social media to do the job of spreading the word, then the money earmarked for those ads could go directly to a good cause. agreed to give it a try:® is going to donate $1 to the American Cancer Society for every person who signs up as a new fan in honor of #BlameDrewsCancer. This charity campaign will end on June 23, 2009 at noon PT or until the total donation amount reaches $10,000, whichever occurs first.


We launched it yesterday and the promo lasts for a week. So far it is going much slower than I hoped (We’ve only raised $100 of the 10,000 allocated.)
I really hope the experiment works. It would be so amazing to keep brainstorming cool ways to give money to charity.

If you want to help raise some money (and show that the experiment works), please “Become a Fan” of the Facebook page.

Thank you!

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