We lost Michael a long time ago

Michael Jackson has passed.
But, as many people tweeted, “We lost Michael a long time ago.”

Even so, he was certainly important to me for a chapter.
I was attending an “integrated” public Junior High.

Michael Jackson was the bridge between my world, and the kids from the other side of town who were bussed in.
Everybody liked Michael.
He was black.
But he wasn’t hard and gangster.
(That came later, with rap.)

He was our Cosby.

Sadly, I was done with Michael long before Thriller.
(The bootleg RUN-DMC cassette tape I got at the swap meet changed everything.)

But for one period in Junior High, Michael Jackson was my Hero.

I’m relieved to hear his tortured body is at rest.

One thought on “We lost Michael a long time ago”

  1. wow, finally, someone with the same perspective as me.

    i think it’s awful that his death overshadowed the death of farrah fawcett, especially since he did it to himself. also, anyone with a drug habit like he had HAD to want to die.

    and i said the same thing… the legend-michael was gone 20 years ago, easily.

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