Melon Confession

Respect The Juice

In the summertime, I eat a watermelon almost every night before bed.

And I eat it in a very specific way.

Seasoned with salt and scooped out with a melon-baller.


Now you know.

watermelon confession


I coined a word while submitting a panel idea for SXSW 2010

Casting Crib Cutesploitation – Using Your Kids As Content.

What every parent should consider before uploading their offspring.
They are adorable little miracles that should be shared with the world. And who isn’t delighted by the youtube’d laughter of a child? (Or a drugged up kid after dentist.)
But when does a bathtime video cross the line into “need for future therapy?” Or worse yet, a felony sex offense?
Parents will address the costs/benefits of their decision process and the personal/public lines they’ve drawn in the sandbox.

I realized that – while I was so enjoying recording and sharing my nephew on – there are ethical issues I should get clear on.