my Burning Man 09 schedule

I’ll be camped at Bat Country @ 9:30 & Esplanade.

I hope we cross paths serendipitously, but if you want to make sure we do, here are my scheduled events:

12 noon @ Bat Country

Pink Ride w/ HugNation
12 noon meet @ Bat Country

HugNation & Wedding
12 noon @ Bat Country

Home for next 2 weeks

Times are estimated. So are identities and societal roles. If we are fortunate enough to cross paths, please excuse me if I am not as you expected. I try to surrender to impulse in the desert, and sometimes that leads me down some reptilian paths. Forgive me if I do not recognize or remember you. I love you and hope we share a hug out there. But regardless, I’m grateful for your presence and what you bring of yourself.
See you at home.

John/Halcyon/Commander Happypants

My Playa Evolution