Celebrating Family 2

I spent WAY more time at my parent’s today than I intended. I knew this “switch” to a Mac was stressful to them, and I wanted to minimize their obstacles. So when my mom asked if I could stay until my dad came home, I said, of course!
I even waited for dad to get home from work so I could show him

He got home late, and then wanted to eat something before looking at the computer.

I had a moment of frustration while talking with my dad over dinner. I had the thought, “I planned on being home 2 hours ago! Grrr!”

Then snapped out of it and thought, “Wait a minute…this is awesome! I’m totally having a great time with my dad. This is the good stuff. Relax.”

So I joyfully spent all night setting up and showing my parents their new computer.

I didn’t leave there until after 11.
It was a wonderful day.

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