"All you need is Love"

“All you need is Love.”

It couldn’t be more simple. Yet, it is complicated as hell.

Actually, one could argue that “hell” actually *is* the layers of confusion, ego, and fear that impede the nature flow of Love that is in us.

But our Love essence becomes buried beneath layers and layers as we grow up.

We are socialized from our first breaths.
We are marketed to, not long after.

By the time we are adults, we have no idea who we are.

We know the other type of cola is for old geezers.
We know that the other political party are a bunch of morons.
We know that the people we are fighting are godless terrorists.

We chase carrots without even knowing if we like the taste.

And we know that, in this dog-eat-dog world, too often it comes down to us vs. them.

But none of this has anything to do with who we are. These are stories that we attach to ourselves.
We are simply adopting roles – parent, Libertarian, Muslim, poor – and then act accordingly.

But when we strip away our stories.
When we let go of our labels and expectations.
When we peel away the socialization –
We find we are all very much alike.
We all want to love more and fear less.

We are all expressions of Love.

When we can reach this awareness of similarity and oneness, we can begin to feel love towards all.
Your smile makes me smile.
Your joy is my joy.

THAT is Love.

5 thoughts on “"All you need is Love"”

  1. John,

    I love when you come back from Burning Man specifically for this reason. You always share things from your life experiences that are so venerable and raw. What makes you so wonderful is that you don’t put on a facade. I have never had the pleasure to meet you but you have touched me in many ways for several years with your words.

    Thank you for inspiring me with your beautiful words.

    – Jen

  2. Thank you so much, Jen. I have definitely been deep in thoughts of Love. Not romantic love, but Agape. Writing helps me understand it myself. So glad it made sense to you. 🙂

  3. Wow. I really love your writing style. You remind me of myself and my similar beliefs but I have never had the ability to communicate them in the way you do.

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