Why I am participating in ‘No News” Nov 2.

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Dmitry Shapiro wrote a blog post about cutting out News on Nov 2. I was inspired to design the above logo. Below are more of my thoughts.

It is a dangerous trap to think that the information we call “news” is what is important.
“News,” is generally a collection of sensationalized train-wrecks with the intention of getting you addicted to drama. The stories get you excited, agitated, and wanting more. How will this terrible story play out!? How dare they! Can you believe he said that!? How tragic! What LIES!!!!!

But the shame of it all is that at any given time, COUNTLESS amazing things are happening. People are falling in love, getting the their dream jobs, discovering their passion, launching business ideas, taking first steps, helping those in need, healing from wounds, and beginning life.

People sometimes say that to ignore “The News” is to avoid reality. But how is a plane crash 1000 miles away more “real” than a school play down the block? Reality is what we focus on. If you fill your mind with toxic thoughts, you experience a toxic world.
If you are lazy about the information you allow into your mind, you will be passively accepting the lowest common denominator perspective.

Some things I do:

I subscribe to YES! and Ode Magazine.
I frequently skim through the pages of “Pronoia.”
I attend and subscribe to weekly lectures by Jacob Glass.
I never watch network news (unless you count Comedy Central.)
And I try to be very conscious of the effect that information has on my state of mind. If it bothers me for the sake of being bothered, I find a way to filter it out.

On Nov. 2, take a 1 day break from traditional news and see how you feel. If you really miss the hoaxes, scandals, and terror, I promise they will be waiting for you on Nov. 3.

No News Nov 2 – spread the word with #NoNewsNov2

p.s. Do you have places you get positive news or that help remind you of how amazing the world is? Please share!!

p.p.s. Crap or Cone has more of my thoughts on this topic.

guardian demon

Amazing IM conversation

Playatanic: So, my mother is in the mental ward with a temporary leave of absence.

Playatanic: And she tells the docs that everyone is out to get her. Except for me, and the man in the desert.

Playatanic: They ask her who the man in the desert is.

Playatanic: She says, “the pink man with hugs.”

Playatanic: They just write the comment off as crazy.

Playatanic: Thought I’d share with you that you can even reach through the depths of mental breakdown.

Dear Blog,

Sometimes I feel so lost in the social media landscape.

For years I was a “digital explorer” on the cutting edge of lifestreaming.

But now it is commonplace.

Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Ustream & WordPress make it sooo wonderfully easy.

But, truthfully, I still have not found a good way to keep all these things updated. And I don’t have a good sense of proper posting etiquette. What should be cross-posted where?
Where do people check?
Why can’t I figure out RSS?
Should I assume people follow my twitter if they want to know everything I am doing?

In any case, if you are reading this… HELLO! You are one of the few people(I think) that reads my original blog or RSS. That means I love you the most.
Hope your day is wonderful.