Dear Blog,

Sometimes I feel so lost in the social media landscape.

For years I was a “digital explorer” on the cutting edge of lifestreaming.

But now it is commonplace.

Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Ustream & WordPress make it sooo wonderfully easy.

But, truthfully, I still have not found a good way to keep all these things updated. And I don’t have a good sense of proper posting etiquette. What should be cross-posted where?
Where do people check?
Why can’t I figure out RSS?
Should I assume people follow my twitter if they want to know everything I am doing?

In any case, if you are reading this… HELLO! You are one of the few people(I think) that reads my original blog or RSS. That means I love you the most.
Hope your day is wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Dear Blog,”

  1. I follow your blog and love you back!
    I follow via rss, but I do come in here to write you this. 🙂

    I follow you on twitter to hear your one-liners and daily do’s. The pointers to your Flickr-stream where the sun always shines in California. But I follow the blog for the longer words and thoughts. The tube and streams are for when I need a larger dose of pinkness. I think facebook is for the people you actually know, so I haven’t bothered you there.

    No matter the medium, John, I follow and listen beacuse of what you bring. The pinkness, the love, the creativity and the hugs! Even in a funk, you bring these things and remind me to love.

    *blowing kisses from the othere side of the world*

  2. I think it differs from every person. I’m actually working on this today and the rest of the week. I had several people say “you have a blog?!? since when??” I’ve had a blog since 2001! But I didn’t have it linked to my main URL and everywhere, my URL is listed as So. That’s just my overlooking stuff. I’m getting a bunch of my friends to beta test me: googling for me, trying to find my blog without going to the URL, finding my home page, etc. It’s been enlightening.

    Oh, and as a long time Twitter user – since practically the first day – Twitter is NOT going to be the go-to for your friends and fans. Most people don’t even care to use Twitter. However, you have to figure out if you want to grab an audience or grab the audience that’ll be attracted to you. For me? Eh, I don’t really care. Twitter is last year’s FB and 2007’s myspace. This time next year, more than likely, something will be 2009’s Twitter. Always look to grow and expand.


  3. I’m here! 🙂
    In my own life, I’ve made the decision to not twitter, not using myspace anymore, no flicker (except for the occational photo challenge between friends)… I have my blogger blog and my facebook page, and that’s all I need. Sometimes I feel like we are so wrapped up in making our digital footprints bigger, when instead we need to focus on making them better and deeper.

    Be where you are happy. Be where you are comfortable. Those who love you, will find you.

  4. Twitter is great for what you are doing. But your blog is to give us the details of what happened. The best part about a blog is it can be whatever you want it to be. People will subscribe if they like it. You rock at everything you do so i don’t think it really matters. 🙂

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