Why I like paying for TV shows

*inspired while enjoying No News Day*

Ad-supported media is a TRAP.
The cost is way too high.
Well, I’m not speaking about “advertising,” specifically.
Because advertising is just “getting the word out.”
If you suffer from dry feet, you might be aided by the knowledge that foot moisturizer exists.
The real danger is “Marketing.”
Marketing is what convinces you that your feet are too dry.
And that people are laughing at you because of your ashy skin.

Try carrying around a notepad throughout your day and jot down all your consumer desires.
Then watch TV for 3 hours (the US average) and jot down all the products and services that appear desirable.
If there is anything on the second list that is not on the first, then your free TV is too expensive.

“Want” is an endless pit.
“Want” is the carrot we never reach. The itch we never scratch.
And to have a profit-driven, conscious-absent entity stoking your “wants” is a dangerous thing.

Not just stoking it, but strategically picking at the psychic weak spots they’ve discovered through massive tests, studies, and experiments on human brain processing.
How valuable is your peace of mind?
Because “free” TV costs the price of contentment. You may save $3 in rental fees, but your mind is now unsatisfied until it gets a $5 burger. Your free night of “must see TV” just put you $2 in the hole.

The obvious answer is Tivo.
And bleep, bleep, blooping through the Want Attack is a great start. But as the industry begins to counter-attack, it is important to be aware of the stakes.
Itunes and Netflix are beginning to make lots of ad-supported TV available as paid viewing. It is time to start looking at those options as bargains.

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