I am thankful for…

I have seen several people posting ‘one thing they are thankful for’ every day.
I love this idea.
But I become overwhelmed when I try.
What is the first thing on the list?
Consciousness? The ability to be thankful?
What next? Every moment feels like something to be thankful for.
In fact, every day before meals I thank the universe for the miracle in every moment. I ask the universe to help me to be aware of these endless gifts. I remind myself to focus on all the amazing things in the world.

But if start to get specific, I feel a flood of thoughts.
My body alone seems to be overflowing with gifts:
It’s self-healing nature.
It’s mobility and dexterity – even after 38 years of use.
The ability to taste, touch, and sense the endless treasures of experience.
The lists seems endless.

And if I go outside myself, it feels even more infinite.

The Sun’s warmth – and every leaf photosynthesizing sunbeams into energy.
Every animal converting a plant into fuel.
Every cloud that decorates the sky and distributes moisture.
Every interconnected living thing that consumes or decays to maintain the miraculous checks and balances of each ecosystem.
The divine cosmic plan – born of billions of years of evolution – that “governs” these infinitely complicated natural systems.

and then I’m caught in a loop – As I am back again thinking of the checks and balances at work within my body. Each cell serving it’s perfect role as white blood cell or part of a bile duct or nerve ending or intestine.

Maybe these lists work better as reminders to look at the wonderful (but always transitory) human conditions that we find favorable:

I am thankful for my soft, fuzzy robe on cold mornings.
I am thankful for hot coffee with too-much hazelnut flavored creamer.
I am thankful for running water, on-demand.

But really all I need to do is think of a few of the miraculous people in my life before I feel blessed beyond measure.
Jim, Jen.
Caleb, Carter.
Mom, Dad.
Shonda, Deron, Brandon, Dmitry, Scott, Alan, Meg, Ed….

Maybe it isn’t so overwhelming, after all.
In fact, just making an attempt at the list has made me feel calm.

Like floating in the ocean and surrendering to the vastness. Even though you know it is simply too big to comprehend, it still feels mind-blowing to jump in and swim around.

Thank YOU for being a part of this miraculous sea of experience.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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