Permanent Record

naked ambition
naked ambition

A friend took a picture of her TV & let me know that I appear in a pay-per-view show about the book, “Naked Ambition.” (I’m also in the book of that name. Neither show me naked.)

It is not the only pay-per-view appearance I made during that chapter of my life.

It’s an interesting side effect to the digital age – what we do today, we are accountable for forever.

Google is the new “permanent record.”

naked ambition
naked ambition

4 thoughts on “Permanent Record”

  1. Yup. We sure are. We just have to come to terms with all that we were even if isnt very reflective of our newer evolutions.

  2. Looks like the Wii controller on the TV stand wasn’t the only one not wearing a condom. πŸ™‚ I kid – I kid!! It’s all good brotha – remember for the most part the people that can find that information are also most likely to understand and be able to find the kind of person you are at present.

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