back from Mexcio (HugNation at 1)

Mayan Ruins - Tulum, Mexico

It felt like we were gone a long time.
It was only 2 full days in Playa Del Carmen, but seems like more.

Much of the trip was spent in deep conversations with my good friend Dmitry.

I have known Dmitry for over a decade. We have worked together, started businesses together, and partied together. But something shifted in Dmitry over the summer.

The catalyst for the shift was at Burning Man, but the change is much deeper. [“Welcome Home, Dmitry” Video]

It is obvious in his eyes. And if you spend some time talking to him, it is clear this is a different man.

He told me, “For the first time in my life, I have ‘Faith.'” He isn’t talking about a blind belief in any ideas written down by men – but by a deep understanding of the perfection of the universe.

All weekend we talked about the ideas running through his head. I was amazed at how the things he said would overlap or re-state things I have run across in my spiritual seekings.

But he wasn’t reciting passages – he was trying to express in words the awareness he has been experiencing.

Today, schedule permitting, he will be my guest on HugNation. Join us at 1pm PST or check the archives soon.

Mayan Ruins - Tulum, Mexico

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