On “Burners”

Pagoda posted a great rant about the term, “burner.”

I guess I sometimes do refer to “burner-style” in reference to Cyber/Tribal/Steampunk Fur & Fishnets. But I *want* to use the term to describe a belief system. Like a follower of the 10 Principles of Burning man (“Radical Self Reliance” “Gifting” Etc.).
But I see her point.
This year I saw “Burner” become a target demographic. Exciting and Terrifying.


3 thoughts on “On “Burners””

  1. I appreciate where she’s going with her rant, but I don’t quite agree- perhaps because I use the term differently. I use “burner” to mean “someone who goes/has been to Burning Man and who potentially identifies with the ethos/practices”. There’s no judgment surrounding clothing style or drug use wrapped up in the term for me.

    I use the Burner designation as a filter for meeting new people. If I see a personal ad or am introduced to someone who’s been to Burning Man, I know I have at least one thing in common with that person, and there’s a greater-than-normal chance we might get along.

    That blog also mentioned the dilution of punk music/styles. My boyfriend is an old school first wave punk, been playing music for 20 years. He’s delighted that Hot Topic exists- that the punk movement created something intense and lasting enough that kids are still into it 20 years later. (Can’t say that about disco, ha)

  2. I interpret “burner” specifically as “one who embraces the tenets and ethos of Burn philosophy.”

    It’s not to do with how one dresses, or the music to which one listens, or even where one goes to find the truest of homes.

    It’s simply that one carries within him or herself the core belief that the true home is where one experiences the freedom to be completely present in the self as it is expressed at that very moment, in whatever radical way that might be. The honest ability to rely fully on oneself to honour that truth. And to act in true stewardship to the world around us, without price tag.

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