3 thoughts on “HugNation with Dmirty Shapiro – Dec 8, 2009”

  1. So, in regards to your conversation and the Maslow’s theory…..,
    My life has presented me with these questions in pretty extreme ways in the past couple of years and I have had to look at my priorities more closely than at any other time in my life.
    Just a quick timeline
    After two years of extreme crisis which was preceeded by years of struggle with bi-polarity, my son died. As a result of trying to help him during the crisis, we ended up owing almost 100,000 in credit debt. But after his death, I quit working for a long while and when I thought I could return, the economy had tanked and there was/is no work. Now, my wife has recently lost her job and although we have made progress with our debt and managed to save our house, it has been very revealing in regards to what one needs to stay happy and balanced.
    So, now after the first of the year, things will change again.
    Before my son died, we would have been in panic mode. Now not so much. Don’t know exactly why that is, but we have been under so much pressure the past few years, that either it is normal now, or we are better at not letting it impact our selves.
    But still, it is very clear to me that without some of the basic needs, the others become less of a priority. At my age and not having been in this kind of situation since I was very young, I have had moments of fear that were real and unavoidable. I have had a difficult time being able to do art because of finances, but that has made me write more. And there are moments when inner security and self esteem are shaky.
    I think it’s easy to say what is and isn’t important when you have all those things you need, but when the basics are no longer there, they become quite a bit more important and other things fall away naturally.
    I will survive from this and even grow from it because I have spent a lot of time and energy working toward self actualization, but it will be a challenge.
    I will tell you this and I know you will understand…., Burning Man has been one of the keys to my survival through all of this and am looking forward to next year and helping David Best Build a Temple.

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