Float More

“Go with the Flow” is an oft misunderstood phrase.
It doesn’t mean to do what others’ around are doing. Or to avoid conflict.
It is not passiveness.
On the contrary, the Flow is universal strength.
Water is a perfect example of this.
A body of water will yield to the touch and a droplet will take the path of least resistance.
But do not confuse this willingness to compromise for weakness. If you have ever stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon, you have witnessed the immense power of water.
I use the phrase “Float more, steer less.” to remind myself of this principle.
Some people confuse this with apathy or laziness.
Not so.
Floating doesn’t meat motionless. Floating means that your direction comes from a place much bigger than you.
Rather than picking a destination and powering your way through every obstacle to get there, you go deep and feel the direction that you are being pulled. Then swim in that direction.
You still use effort. You still work hard. You just do so in the direction of universal flow. And so go much farther with much less effort.
To do this, you need to let go of the belief that you know what the best outcome is.
This is massive.
Way too often we claw our way towards an objective. We bite, scratch, and step on heads to get the promotion, parking place, or position we believe we need to be content.
There is a HUGE difference between wanting to be content and wanting to get what you believe will make you content.
I would argue this is one of the core challenges our culture faces.
This disconnect is the very basis of marketing and the advertising-based culture we are submerged in every day.
Floating can also take FAR more courage than swimming towards traditional goals. Because who is to say that the cosmic current takes you in the direction of a wife, kids and picket fence?
You can always force your way, paddling and splashing against the flow. This is the situation with so many gay people pressured to live in the closet.
After Burning man, I was living in a webcam house and intentionally attacking all the false currents I could find. The socialization pressures to dress a certain way or pursue a certain path or keep certain parts of your life private.
In today’s world of twitter and status updates, it does not seem so revolutionary. But in 2000, living transparently online was a novelty left to camgirls.
I moved in 5 members of my Burning Man camp to TheRealHouse.com and we made living transparently into an art project.
At the same time “WeLiveInPublic” was happening in New York with a much bigger budget and with much more traditional “success.”
One thing we learned quickly was how powerfully oppressed most of us are about our sexuality.
Merely speaking openly about sex can be seen as subversive. So to allow one’s sex life to be viewed, discussed, and celebrated – well, that was too much for most.
I was told “Sex is sacred and therefore should be private.”
But this doesn’t make any sense to me.
Religion is sacred. Yet we make worship into a public event every Sunday. (You could easily argue that what we see in many of these churches is far from sacred – but that is a separate point.)
My open sexuality at the time brought me lots of detractors. I had won a Webby award the year before and had my share of “fans.” But I “went too far,” many said.
I kept coming back to “float more.”
Maybe it was *because* of all the obstacles, but I felt compelled to continue in this risque direction. Our puritanical oppression was not a wall to flow around, but a jagged rock that needed to be softened.
The status quo wanted us to swim (fully clothed) in the direction of traditional morality and levels of public sharing.
But the cosmic flow pulled in the other direction. My house-mates and I let the universe steer and started paddling in the direction of the flow.
It is during those times of flow when everything seems to come together. You are in the right place at the right time. You meet the right people. synchronicity follows you everywhere.
It was during one of those times that the idea of “Globalgasm” came to be.

*to be continued*

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