Forgive me, Jebus

I had an awesome lunch yesterday with a exceptionally wise Christian friend. As we talked I found myself finding more connection with Jesus’ words as well as clarity of basic spiritual ideas I have been exploring.

Preface: I do not identify as a Christian. I see Jesus as a great Spiritual leader who tried to express a profound divine awareness with those around him. He tried to put the awareness into words (Which have then been translated and passed on through the Multi-generational Church PR machine.) But I think the specific words are far less important than the direction of the ideas.
And to me, I see this same direction of thought from many evolved teachers in history and living today.
So, while I am frustrated by some people’s strict allegiance to the words of the bible, I am also struck by how often it can be interpreted in ways that mesh perfectly with my “new age” philosophies.
For example, I see Jesus as the role model for our ideal selves. I don’t see him as the son of god but as a symbol of the divine in all of us. In this sense, we “follow Jesus” as we walk our paths and strip away our worldly socialization. The false idols we need to avoid are the “gods “ of status, fame, wealth, etc..
Chasing these things is a sure fire path to suffering. And if we place these things above Love, our world feels like it is filled with obstacles and injustice. This focus on “what is wrong” is what I would call, “Hell.”
But when we see the miracles that surround us, then Heaven is in every moment.
Therefore the “path” to heaven is within. Or “Through me, “ meaning “becoming more Christ-like.”
I was thinking about the almost comical Christian belief that you can ask for forgiveness on your deathbed and no matter what you did, still go to Heaven.
But during lunch I had an epiphany: This idea of instant access to Heaven through forgiveness is profound.
The reality is that you are not asking forgiveness of anything outside of yourself. You are accepting the flawed perfection that is “you.”
You are recognizing that this Ego Persona is not really, “You.” All these things you may have shame or guilt over, were done as part of your separate ego identity. But when you let go of that identity – when you “forgive” that part of yourself – then you can step into your divine one-ness.
And THAT puts you in the state of Heaven in an instant.
In that moment that we recognize that ANY decision we make with our ego minds is severely limited, we are set free.
“Forgiveness” of the ego self is a recognition of non-separation.
If we let go of our ego identity, then we can sense the one-ness of the universe. The connection with all things.
It is also a release of attachment – A letting go of that perception that we know what is best.
My ego brain is not to be trusted. As I ask forgiveness for the actions of my Ego self, I am surrendering to a higher power, flow, energy, love, God.
I see this forgiveness as the same sort of awakening. Where the divine seed in us “forgives” the ego mind for it’s narrow choices and actions.
“Accepting Jesus in our heart” is actually a surrendering to the divine connection that has always existed within us.
And suddenly the idea of being absolved of all sins in an instant makes a ton of sense.

Jan 23, 2010

6 thoughts on “Forgive me, Jebus”

  1. “…You are recognizing that this Ego Persona is not really, “You.” ..”
    “…It is also a release of attachment …”
    And THAT is buddhism. The without ego is Anatta, the release of attachment is Anicca.

    I have long suspected that all of these “leaders” are trying to say the same thing. They “show” it differently simply cause they are dealing with different people at different time which unfortunately were taken literally by “ego”-s that are so “attached” to their perceptions they focus on “what is different (or wrong as you put it)”.

    This probably an old stuff… but what do you think of “The Secret” ? Law of attraction etc etc ?

  2. Totally agree. The words/ideas may sound different, but the flow is the same.

    I think ‘the Secret’ is a great way to start thinking differently about your relationship to your thoughts. But it is too focused on “I can have a Porche!” The next step is realizing we don’t know what would be best for us .:)

  3. So do you believe in Jesus then or what? Did Gpa Caleb ever witness to you?
    I use to believe what you did…now I am a professed Christian 😉


    Jessica Welch (an old friend)

    loved the hugnation stuff with Gpa Caleb. What a COOL and wonderful Grandpa.

  4. Hi Jessica! Not sure I understand what you are asking. I believe in Jesus’ teachings. I do not believe he was any more of a son of god than you or I. I am not familiar with the term “witness.”

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