Oh, Gala (#RadicalSelfLove)

Last week at HugNation I read from GalaDarling’s awesome #RadicalSelfLove project. Here is the 2 min. clip where I get all hot and bothered:

I was so inspired that I reached out to Gala and asked if she would be up for a quick Skype chat to talk about Love. And because she is awesome, she agreed. Here we are talking Love, life and pinkness:

Spreading the pink at SXSW

5 thoughts on “Oh, Gala (#RadicalSelfLove)”

  1. I just discovered you through Gala Darling last night, and decided to watch your video, even though I was a little wary of the length… but it turned out I couldn’t stop watching! I really like your message, and will probably be going through the archives soon enough.

    And I am most definitely printing off a ‘huggable’ button template. I think they’re awesome. 😀

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