HugNation Case Study – Feb 3, 2010

I started the day in a funk. Then a chatroom “hacker” was flooding the HugNation room with racist hate speech… AND it looked like I was typing it. I actually said aloud, “HugNation is canceled!” (And even kicked my couch in frustration.) But instead I took a breath and used the time to look at my thoughts as a case study applying the lessons of what I wrote that morning. The results were amazing. LOVELOVELOVE!

One thought on “HugNation Case Study – Feb 3, 2010”

  1. I guess I missed this Hugnation. Never seen the hackers do that kind of thing (imitate your screen name) but its a shame that they brought you down to a place of such anger that you would actually kick something. That always makes me feel worse.

    Overall, Im happy you turned it around. Stumbling blocks can always be stepping stones.

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