Digital Intimacy and a Facebook Reacharound

I have been passionate about Digital Intimacy – the ways the web can show Love – for a decade. But last week I realized that Facebook has taken it to a new level.

After returning home from a 500 person camping event, I’ve saw the net used as a Love Connector better than I’ve ever experienced before.
It has been over a week since Fuente ended and I am still feeling strong Love vibrations through my Facebook World.
I saw someone post that – among certain Tribes – status updates are becoming a form of positive life affirmations.

That is certainly a trend in my online world.

If your online presence consists of you complaining frequently, starting political debates, or speaking often of interests that I would rather not spend time on, I’ll probably “Hide” your updates from my daily browsing. This is not a judgment, of YOU, just a choice about what I am consuming. It is the same discipline I use when choosing what TV I watch.
Since Facebook provides me with an bottomless trough of digital morsels – Sweet, savory, soothing, sexy, silly – I can feed indefinitely. Some of it is healthy. Some of it is toxic.

“Digital Dieting” is becoming as important as Food Dieting.

And Facebook gives you the tools to be vigilant about what you consume.

If you checked the people who are on my “check frequently” filter, they are all optimists. They are all noticing what is going RIGHT in their world.
If they are dealing with a challenge, they are focusing on progress.
I’m not expecting people to have lives without challenge. But if I want to make another person’s life a part of MY daily narrative, I want to make sure it enhances.

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Many people I follow have roses to deal with. I simply have no desire to have my energy directed to the thorns, when the flowers are so much more wonderful.

Jacob Glass said, “You live the life you narrate.”
So be very careful of the life you choose to tell.
I’ve found that the people I follow tend to flowing with their praise. I love it. Whether it is art/music/food they are enjoying, or public comments proclaiming appreciation and Love for friends.
Jenny Cutebutton posted on Daniel Hugfellow’s wall “Thank you so much for helping me out yesterday! You are a lifesaver and I feel so lucky to have you in my life!”

I love seeing these one-to-one comments in my stream of people I know slightly – but who know each OTHER with a deep open love. It makes my world full of people who speak boldly from their hearts. Who shower praise. Who count their blessings.
I’m affected positively by being exposed to their digitally intimate Love.

It is a Love Cloud.

The expressions don’t happen in real time. They are lobbed into a cloud. Like a bottle into the ocean. Or more accurately, a “stream.” To be read (and released into my world) whenever the post is read from the stream.

This week my stream has been littered with pictures, comments, thank you’s and revelations from Fuente Eterno. For the first time I am feeling a post-event Love vibe Reallllly strong in the digital world.

The size (aprox 500 people) lends itself perfectly to online connecting. As people tag one another in photos, I learn the names of people I met briefly, or maybe saw across the dance floor.
I’ve also seen people track down one another with amazing ease. “I’m trying to find Larry Loo.”
Someone replies, “That is Sonnata’s boyfriend. Search Sonnata on my friend’s list.”

And the phsycial/digital connections grow.

The Burning Man event also has a digital connection, but it involves so many more people, spread out through Tribe and ePlaya and regional lists. The same way you may not see someone more than once during the week on the vast Playa, the chance of finding shared experiences online is also much less.

But with Fuente, the common areas and shared experiences are plentiful.

This Saturday I am hosting an informal Fuente Decompression brunch at my place. I created a Facebook Event and posted on the Fuente Group Page. Will the word spread and people show up? The Digital Intimacy experiment continues!

March 26, 2010

One thought on “Digital Intimacy and a Facebook Reacharound”

  1. Wow that is so true. I love your PINK website. Here’s some of me quoting myself – things I’ll randomly say on my FB status updates:

    “Just one lil’ girl tryna make BIG changes in this f*cked up world – if everyone just took baby steps and learned to accept that
    ~Love is the answer and nothing else matters~”

    “Live your Life by creating your future”

    “Every human being has the potential and kinetic energy to achieve His or Her goals in Life as long as they truly Believe in themselves!”

    “Love who you love, believe what you believe. Do not allow anybody to tell you otherwise; you must stay true to yourself by being everything you ever wanted to be”

    4:20 Elle Lee

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