Happy Birthday, Dad!


Today we’re celebrating my dad’s 69th birthday.
I feel so lucky to for his presence in my life.
My dad is one of those people who follows no religion, but follows a righteous path.

I learned from him that doing the right thing is it’s own reward.
I learned that nothing you can gain from deceit is worth being a dishonest man.
I learned that Time is finite resource to be treasured. But Money is just a tool.
I learned that Respect comes from Integrity.
I learned that “idea men” are a dime a dozen. The world needs people that get things done.
I learned that the News is never 100% correct.
I learned to respect the Constitution and the US system – and to participate to fix it’s flaws.
I learned that men hug.
I learned that parents can become your best friends.

My dad pushed me hard to achieve. But when the day came that I wanted to step off the beaten track, he gave me his blessings. He gave me strong healthy roots. And he allowed me my wings. I never feel like I have to earn his approval. I know that – even when he disagrees with my choices – he loves and respects the person I am.
And learning how to love people like that is the greatest lesson of all.

Happy Birthday, Pop. Thank you for being you.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Dad!”

  1. i wanted to thank you – you made me smile again on a day when i didnt feel like smiling. i try not to forget but you know you get caught up in negativity some of which i create myself – i keep trying to shake it and today at this moment thanks to you i did. have a great day, night, hour, minute and all those seconds……..

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