"I Believe"

I believe that Heaven is available in every moment.
I believe that the infinite NOW is waiting for us like a surprise party crowd, crouched and eager for our arrival.
I believe there is only one instance – a timeless, spaceless mobius strip event of unfolding.
I believe human consciousness is witness to but a tiny speck on the mobius strip of the cosmos.
I believe that human perception can absorb only a tiny fraction of the vibrations that make up the universe.
I believe that the gift of those minute range of vibrations during that teeny speck of time is still infinitely more than we could ever hope to comprehend or appreciate.
I believe that being conscious to witness ANY of it is a gift beyond measure.
I believe that “awe” is more important than understanding.
I believe that in birth we awaken into a finite consciousness. And in death we rejoin the infinite consciousness.
I believe we can go infinitely microscopic or infinitely telescopic and never find the end of near-miraculous order and harmony.
I believe we wrongly see ourselves as a collection of memories and socialized ideas layered on top of who we really are.
I believe that the interworkings of the cosmos – from atoms to DNA to ecosystems to solar systems to galaxies – are beautiful beyond human comprehension.
I believe that these interworkings of the cosmos have a directional flow towards order, rhythm, and harmony.
I believe that Flow is not something you can understand – but instead must surrender to.
I believe that Flow can be described as Love. Or God.
I believe that Love & Gratitude are the only human truths.
I believe that a human perspective can never have the vantage point to judge ANYthing as good or bad. We can only hope to perceive if we are in or out of alignment with Love.
I believe that each finite consciousness is like a drinking straw being dipped in the cosmic stream. And all of our socialized beliefs are like deposits inside the straw that impede the flow.
I believe that when we get clear and are in alignment with the Flow, then we move through our lives effortlessly – and “god’s” will acts through us.
I believe that human consciousness is the universe’s way of seeing itself.
I believe that human brains have the ability to transcend the physical realm, yet most humans seek to instead shape the physical realm to meet their desires.
I believe that that shaping the physical realm, instead of working with it harmoniously, is a powerful example of being out of alignment.
I believe that this state of being out of alignment is to our consciousness potential as a cancerous cell is to the body.
I believe that surrender is more important than conquest.
I believe that there is no such thing as ordinary or extraordinary.
I believe that infinity can be perceived in the Now.
I believe that the ability to dance, laugh, cry, make love, and watch the sunset is enough should make everyone feel rich beyond measure – if we can stay aware of the gift.
I believe that there are an infinite number of things to notice in the universe, but a finite number of minutes in a human life – Therefore our choice of focus is critical.
I believe the universe is unfolding according to cosmic DNA present since the big bang.
I believe that all of my beliefs are simply expressions of understanding in the current moment – and are evolving constantly.
I believe that in this moment – as you read this – we are connected.
I believe that, way before we ever knew each other existed – we were connected.