“The Power of Thought”

“The Power of Thought” works on 3 levels.

The first is simply the power of Focus.

When you think of something that brings you joy, it brings that idea into your mind.
If I think of my nephew laughing, it makes me happy. I do not have to actually hear his voice or be in his presence. I can still experience the love. The thought, itself, brings me pleasure.

This is why it is so critical to be conscious of what you put your focus on.
(It is the basis for “Crap or Cone.”)

The next level of thought is the law of Attraction.

Despite the “Secret,” this doesn’t have to be anything mystical. It can be as simple as “you move in the direction of your focus.” So if you are thinking of health issues, you will be more aware of the pain in your body. If you are thinking about parking karma, you will notice the good parking spot. If you are depressed you will see everything that is wrong. Whatever level you are vibrating at, you will head in that direction and draw similar things to you. Birds of a feather flock together.

The last level of thought power is Manifestation.

This is the one that is hard to swallow. This is the “abra-cadabra” notion that you can magically create whatever you want in your world. This could be a new car, a perfect mate, or a clean bill of health. Some people speak about this as if it is as simple as placing an order with the universe.

I have been resistant to last notion.

For one thing, I have very little faith that humans have any clue as to what is best for them. History is full of atrocities committed in the name of humans imposing their (good-intentioned) will. So giving us the ability to get whatever we want sounds horrific.

This is why, in the past I have focused on general goals of positivity, abundance, and peace – rather than a specific laundry list of wants. I have put my intentions on a direction, not a destination.

But recently I have been getting signs, hearing voices, and reading thoughts that have encouraged me to be very specific with my thoughts.

And I have had some powerful experiences to affirm this.

Last week for the first time, I wrote down some specific work & financial goals. It was difficult. I realized that my resistance to making goals specific was Fear. I was afraid that by making my goals specific, I put myself in a position to fail. When the goals are vague, it is easy to see everything as a step in the right direction. But with specifics, a missed target is glaring and failure is obvious.

But I forced myself to write it out. At the end of my list, after a pause, I put down an extremely lofty and “crazy” dream. Even though I was sitting alone, and typing for only myself, it took me a minute before I could commit the idea to the page. I was embarrassed. I felt stupid.

I won’t disclose the specifics, because I don’t want to jinx it, but later that SAME DAY, I was approached with an opportunity that was almost exactly what I had written last on that list. It was the most specific goal, the craziest, and now most likely to become a reality. I may not know for certain for several months, but the fact that someone came to me with the job idea – within hours – blew my mind.

Who knows what else is possible if I can continue to confront my fears?
I better write it down, in detail, and find out.

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