Hard Drive Crash

Looks like my web server crashed while I was away. Not sure how much was lost – looks like my latest backup was in April. So it goes. 🙂

EDIT: Mike Hedge sent me a copy of many lost posts that he had cached from an RSS feed. Wheee!

2 thoughts on “Hard Drive Crash”

  1. I kept meaning to come by your camp and thank you for a couple of things I learned after stumbling upon a few of your videos online pre-burn this year. At one point I saw you buzz by me at center camp, but you were on a mission, charging into the crowd and I move like someone poured cool honey over me; I’d never have caught up with you.

    On to my thank you… First, the gloves. It was my first time setting up my camp by myself, and I have soft girlie hands. Hammering rebar in and out unprotected would’ve sucked without my awesome new work gloves. And I felt pretty bad ass in them.

    Then the gift economy video not only alleviated some stress I was carrying about what the right thing to contribute was, but opened me to pay attention to the people around me in more vivid and authentic ways. As a result, my experience deepened. And I want to say thank you for that.

    I hope you had a fabulous burn…

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