One thought on “Today's HugNation”

  1. I’ve recently kind of fallen into this idea of personal development and have read a few various blogs and started to re read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”, even thinking about taking up yoga etc.

    Anyway, all that to say that the other day I googled a word for my son for the meaning and toward the bottom of the page was your website. I was kind of drawn to it (though that could have just been because the title “cocky bastard” amused me) and after about two hours of clicking through to other links and reading (general work avoidance) it was quite interesting to think, or realise, that it was the universe showing me other routes to “personal development”, I love it, the universe always provides.

    Sorry to be longwinded, I enjoyed watching each of these videos, and particularly enjoy what seems to be a lack of pretentiousness on your part, especially when you talked about “being all enlightened and shit” and the universe sort of knocking you down again and getting you back on your path. Personally I get quite pissed with the universe when it does that, but hey, who am I going to complain to?

    Glad to have stumbled across your site, look forward to coming back soon.

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