One thought on “"One time, I tried to donate sperm…"”

  1. It’s been 10 years since I first discovered you at and your website So out of curiosity I wanted to check in to see where you are in life. I remember you once said you were open to a homosexual experience with the right person….did you ever experience it? Anyhow, I always saw you as a person who seemed to be very open to spirituality, yet, very open to physical pleasure (the opposite of spirituality) and it seemed that hedonism was going to win out in your pursuits. I think that is the case….I knew you as Halcyon….and I think your struggle with the temptations of the physical realm…versus the spiritual realm…define you. Halcyon….go for the spiritual side….you have the potential….and you could really spread a good message to people because you are very persuasive. Anyhow….I’m drunk right now….so I hope I’m not being too judgmental…we’re all flawed…but I like to see people live up to their full potential…and you have it. Peace.

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