Book Review

REVIEW of Love More, Fear Less. Float more, Steer Less:

“Brilliant…evocative.. a page turner” or ” hugs for the soul” These are cute catch phrases that should grace the cover, but the book offers so much more. It’s a charming narrative of living, loving and embracing life. If you know John, you wil…l hear is voice in each sentence. It doesn’t take long before you recognize that voice as your own, leaving you dumbfounded that he can express, in words, what you might be thinking. This book is chock full of psychological, historical, spiritual and cultural references delivered in light, comedic and yet compelling manner that will inspire without weighing you down with dogma. I promise you that there is no other book that will discuss Bill Murray and Eckhart Tolle in the same sentence. John is a “lifestyle artist” and purchasing this book is a great way to support art. More than just a bargain for a collection of insightful essays, the purchase of this book provides John future opportunity to enrich our lives with his gifts. That, my friend, is what I call a great investment.

-Ken San Diego