My Top 10 Odd & Offensive Achievements

Dec 7 will be the 15 year anniversary of my first domain name registration ( Here are a few of my highlights along the way…

1) I am was the #3 result for “assless chaps” on Google Image Search.
Assless Chaps

2) I am the box model for Splat! “Fetish Pink” hair dye.
resume now says: "Pink Hair Model"

3) Sam Donaldson said “Get a load of that guy!…what an ego!” about me at the 2001 Webby Awards. (NOTE: I was wearing white assless chaps at the time. Seriously.)

4) I modeled for the cover packaging of several Tantus Silicone dildo models. (non-explicit.)

5) I Organized a number of adult stars to do a “Pink Aid” fund raiser & DVD after Hurricane Katrina. Habitat for Humanity would not accept the $, so we gave it to the brand new Burners without Borders. (*NSFW)

6) I shared the homepage with Obama on Inauguration day. homepage

7) While living in a webcam house, MTV followed me around for a week and did a 30 min doc about my projects called, “Naked on the Net.”

8 ) I was a contestant on an Adult Pay-Per-View reality show filmed in Jamaica. (I was booted for impotence. Seriously.)

9) Had my long hair cut off on a daytime Talk Show by Danny Bonneducci, Dick Clark, and Mario Lopez. (Mario used my hair as a horse’s mane and galloped around the stage. Seriously.)

part 2

10) I was the poster boy for the Facebook precursor, “” My face was on plastic cups, posters, stickers given out on campuses all over the country.




And here’s a video of me explaining them in a little more detail during HugNation Happy Hour:

8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Odd & Offensive Achievements”

  1. Styn,

    These are good on the “odd” tip but I think your greatest accomplishments (that I know of) include:
    -your relationship w your gramps
    -sharing that with the world
    -your friendships
    -your consistency and important presence in creating early and continuing web community
    -your hugs
    -living a life of seeking, learning and growing

  2. Awesome indeed.

    I’ll add that my kids are richer for having met you at the Sacramento hug. My daughter still calls the capital building, “Hugnation place.”

  3. saw that episode of The Other Half, I was sad to see the hair go but it was for an awesome cause, and I’ve done that a few times for locks of love.

    You can add making me smile with every video you post:)

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