2 thoughts on “Belief Buffet #13 with Dmitry”

  1. It was like HUG nation.
    I listened for 20 mins. before I took notes in order not to loose my mental train.
    Seasons-We get tired of Winter, (quite soon) but there is the Hope of Spring.
    Spring brings forth the Hope of Summer…and so on
    In my world (currently)we have rain and no rain.
    I love it. Build everything new while it is dry, when it rains…the animals get water. The earth is GREEN. When it is dry, live it. Build.

    Without bad things, how can you like the new (or how can you apprecitate the new)
    “We need surprises”
    I had no idea how many surprises I would experience moving here to Panama
    It has surpassed any expectations (of which I had really none) I had no idea that I could escape the box of life and be someone as awesome as I believe I have become.
    I didn’t know I could learn a new language. I didn’t know that I could feel so alone and so connected to a spiritual “me” which doesn’t come from what I have known before…that doesn’t sound right. I just simply didn’t believe in myself as much as I do today as I write these words.

    Finally, I always thought of myself as the rock and not the water. Things change, structure changes…so grateful to hear this video
    thank you John and Dmitry.
    ((HUG)) to both
    love for today and tomorrow

  2. So wonderful to hear about the fruits & lessons of your journey. What a long strange WONDERFUl trip it continues to be!  Love to YOU, Kari!

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