Halcyon's Favorite Things!

Already have everything on Oprah’s list? Here is my list of gift suggestions:
Halcyon’s Favorite Things:

• Etsy.com Nothing wrong with consumerism. But when possible, buy non-corporate. Support artists.
• Contigo water bottles. Don’t get me started. I love these water bottles.
• “Love more. Fear Less” The Book!
• Spreadshirt, CafePress, Zazzle – Instead of a designer logo, why not design a custom shirt with an inside joke catch phrase!?
• custom laptop sticker. Take a favorite memory (I like to use images from Burning Man) and make your laptop a conversation starter.
• Super Hero Outfits!
• donation to charity of choice. – Heifer.org, 1stSaturdays.org, etc. (It’s what Grandpa did.)
• Custom Coupon Books. (I still have a backrub to cash in from 1987)
• External Hard drive & backup your loved one’s data – I have several Iomega 2TB drives. Or try an online backup service if you have less video files.
• Sharpie Pens, Uniball pens, watercolor paper, or anything else that sparks creativity..
• Books or MP3s for growth (here’s my list of recommendations)

And me going over this list during HugNation:

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