Wikileaks, 4Chan, & the Fate of the World

It is like a John Grisham movie.
Whistleblower shares secrets that show high level corruption. Government and Corporations work to destroy him. They take away his ability to travel, access to money, access to servers. Basically they make him impotent and discredited.
Sounds like any number of Hollywood movies. (Of note, we are generally rooting for the on-the-run fugitive. “Give ‘em hell, Jason Bourne!”)
We can only assume (or “know” depending on what sources you trust) that this is more or less how the dirty underside of conspiracies works in the real world, too.
But something really interesting has happened.
First of all, Wikileaks is not a whistleblower. It is a tool to facilitate the sharing of secrets. It is a game-changing philosophy of eliminating the ability to conspire. If you shine lights on all the dark corners, there is no place to conspire in secret. The system cannot function as it did if a tool like this exists. It is the wrench in the gears of “business as usual.”
Even so, the leader of Wikileaks has been targeted as the source of the problem. Therefore the technological assets and personal leader of the group have been arrested.
And here is where it gets realllly interesting.
Frustrated web communities have joined the fight.
Loosely networked online “hacktivisits” (like 4chan & Anonymous) have sided with the whistle blower and the world’s right to access information. So they have started attacking the corporations that do the system’s bidding. Mastercard, the dns provider, and other companies that have dropped service to Wikileaks are being targeting by DDOS attacks by these underground virtual organizations.
This is a whole new battleground. It is not nations battling nations. Or corporations fighting corporations. It is networked individuals fighting BOTH nations AND corporations. The stakes? Not money or wealth or power…but information.
We live in fascinating times.

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