Facebook made me its bitch.

I love Facebook.
Too much, I would say.
I have put almost all the energy into FB that I used to put into my personal URL, twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc..
Tonight I got a harsh wake-up call to the power I have handed over to a single website.
Tonight I found my account was disabled.
There was no personal notification, just a link to the FAQ.

I can only guess that maybe there was some side-boob or nipple in a Burning Man photo. But I really don’t know.
It’s a shame that the social network that is becoming ubiquitous feels that my lifestyle is too risque. I feel like I’m an asset to the community and I love the tools… but maybe this wake-up call is just what I needed.

***UPDATE*** I have been reactivated.

My FB account was deactivated yesterday due to sexually suggestive photos. I have been allowed to return with the promise that I will de-sexify my Facebook presence. Ironic that last week I had a vasectomy…then this week I lost my Facebook. For a day I was both physically sterile & digitally impotent.

**UPDATE 2**

My Pages (like facebook.com.hugnation) are all offline.

**UPDATE 3 **

I think all is back to normal… but I’m still way too sexy.


Hi John,

Your account was suspended because you uploaded photo content that violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. This content has been removed from the site.

After reviewing your situation, we have reactivated your account. You will now be able to log in. For technical and security reasons, Facebook cannot provide you with a description or copy of the removed content.

Please review the guidelines below to prevent your personal account from being disabled in the future:

• Do not send messages or post photos that contain nudity, graphic or sexually suggestive content.

• Remove any remaining photos of this kind that you have uploaded on the site.

For more information on conduct that is prohibited by Facebook, please read our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Terms” link at the bottom of any Facebook page.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation going forward.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

3 thoughts on “Facebook made me its bitch.”

  1. I have had many reservations about Facebook from its start. Originally Facebook was a small network and it was more of a high schoolish setting. Initially, it didnt interest me because of that. It was clearly a place where you discuss surface stuff and make small talk about your job, the wife, the kids, etc..

    When tribe.net faded and people were seeking alternatives, Facebook was the chosen place to go and I honestly wondered why? So many of my tribe friends were burners, sex positive, carried alternate relationship constructs, etc… Facebook was growing away from its college setting but still seemed to dictate that it was made more for traditionalists in regards to the aforementioned stuff. Still, that was where everyone was going and I didnt want to lose contact with my friends just because of my personal preferences of what makes a good social network.

    To this day, while I use Facebook, I cant say I will shed a tear when my second account gets shut off. I still refuse to use my real name like they want me to. For a progressive social network, they sure are clueless about alot of what is going on in the world. This includes the amount of employers who are having peoples FB profiles dissected and prejudged. You would think that FB would get hip with this and thus, respect that not everyone wishes to define themselves online by the name they were given on a birth certificate, especially with those nosy employers trying to find any reason to write you off despite your formidible job skillset.

    Overall, I would say this is not as much a lesson about Facebook itself though, and more a lesson about putting your eggs in one basket. Internet is an ever changing “world” and even the best thing out there wont last forever. Its best that you always have an exit door to the rooms you create for yourself within the digital construct.

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