Burning Man and The Art of Non-Attachment (Hug Nation 01.25.11)

Following the Burning Man ticket frustration, I was reminded of some of the powerful lessons of Surrender that the Playa has given me. I tell a story of “The Fall of Xara” from Burning Man 2000 & speak to the ticket sales frustrations, too.

**NOTE: I AM NOT AN OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE OF BURNING MAN. I am merely a Participant with a passion for the event, people, and principles of Burning Man.** – John Halcyon Styn
Mentioned in the video: BurningMan.com, Byron Katie, Jacob Glass, A Course IN Miracles, Lustmonkey.com

4 thoughts on “Burning Man and The Art of Non-Attachment (Hug Nation 01.25.11)”

  1. John I felt compelled to drop you a line after watching this video that you did on January 25th 2011. (As it so happens that day was also my 60th birthday!!) I am a Burning Man wanna be (if there is such a thing!) and so I am on a few email distribution lists, etc. and have been a fan of yours (albeit silent) for some time.

    I love your outlook on life, I must admit that I am learning a lot from you and cannot tell you how much I enjoy watching your videos! As you can tell by the excessively high number that relates to my age, I was a “hippie” or shall we say, I lived the “hippie” lifestyle for some time back in the 60’s and 70’s. I think this has something to do with my attraction to Burning Man and cannot wait to make it there someday soon.

    Until then I will continue to be a loyal follower of your videos and blog posts and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person one day my man, hopefully on the Playa!

    I will take your advice and do my best to focus on the ice cream and forget the shit on my shoe! Cheers John and keep up the good fight.

    A Canadian fan,


  2. I love watching/listening to you speak! The way how you teach these concepts through your personal experiences in such an animated way, it’s like I can feel what you’re feeling. Awesome! Thank you!

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