Fuente Eterno 2011

I just finished this year’s videos.

There are 3:

1) A 16 minute music video love letter to Fuente. “FUENTE ETERNO 2011” (5/6 music tracks are by attendees)

2) A 24 minute teary HugNation broadcast, “Fuente Inspiration.”

3) A raw 3 minute ( & also tear-filled) poolside video confessional. (uploading soon.)

Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 9.00.14 AM

Last year’s Fuente experience & the videos I shared afterward were hugely significant to me.

I was moved to tears again at the Pool Party. I was so overwhelmed with the beautiful life I was leading. So awe-filled by the experience I was having. So amazed by the people I called friends and loved ones.

But there was something new that shook my core. As I settled into the amazing experience and people, I realized there was an added level of Joy for me. Since last year, I have the added knowledge of how supportive my community was to me after my raw video expression from last year. When I uploaded the footage, I knew that I would be safe in sharing tears, but the level of support was amazing. When I exposed my most raw feelings, I felt completely cradled in Love. And as more people shared last year’s video, I felt like my open heart connected to more and more amazing individuals. Like there were hundreds of tubes connecting my heart and the hearts of so many friends, lovers, and collaborators.

What is also warming is that so many people living lives different that mine have embraced me & my path. It isn’t just crazy-haired burners & hippies. Love & Gratitude are the foundation of any lifestyle, even if you don’t spell it out with flowers in your hair.

At poolside, as I thought about my life path of the last year, the tears came again.

Last year when I shared my emotions with Janus, he cautioned me to keep room above… to not limit the ceiling of Joy. I laughed at the thought, but he was right. Life has gotten better and better.

I wish I had more time with every single attendee of Fuente. But the collective vibrations shared through the canyon were beyond my wildest dreams. Literally.

If you are reading this, THANK YOU.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. Thank you for receiving the words and expressions I am moved to share. Thank you for being YOU.

(I wish I could give a certificate to everyone, but know that you deserve one.)

Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 9.01.55 AM

I Love you.

roof surfing

Fuente Eterno 2011

by Halcyon


The Journey, Guadalupe Canyon, Waterfall, UniFier, Pool Party, Ceremony


“I’m Going Home” – Solovox

“Clouds” – Love In The Circus

“Cotton Eyed Joe” – Red Nex

“Clouds” – Love In The Circus

“No Rain” – Pumpkin Remix

“Opening Ceremony Chant”

Renfey, Jeremy Weinglass & David Bergeaud

Final Slideshow – Mario Covic Photography
Additional filming by B.licious & Dmitry.
Shuttle Bus – Baja Trek
Thank you Blue, Turo, Cade, Daphne, Yehonatan, Stevie, Roots, Steve, WeeVil, Drew, & everyone who helped make the canyon magic.

Beautiful Disaster

I am filled with mixed feelings as I see photos of wreckage and destruction.

But the strongest feeling is that of appreciation and awe.
I am reminded of how fragile existence is and how swiftly things change.

How quickly politics and celebrity weirdness fade to nothingness in my mind. All that is important is relationships. My mind goes to my parents. To my brother & his kids. To my lover and to my friends.
I don’t worry about their safety – instead I am reminded to treasure each moment with them.
I am reminded of the preciousness of the Now.

I tear up at the beautiful frailty of it all. My gratitude and appreciation soars.

Nature is a volatile place. It is a place of violent shifts.

It is a good reminder to become aware that, in nature, all living things are struggling to stay alive. And all will die.

This is just the way it is.

Rather than see this as tragic, we should marvel at the amazing set of circumstances that life is able to exists at all.

We do ourselves a disservice to pretend that life is safe. We build up all sorts of systems and sacrifice our rights in hopes of security… But security is a myth.

Life is a terminal condition.

Natural disasters are…well…natural.

And whether it is the pressure of Teutonic plates or the pressure of unjust politics – eventually violent shifts occur.

So while I feel the pain of so much loss, I also feel a renewed vibrancy to life. I feel a deeper connection to all who enjoy the miracle of consciousness on this fragile planet.

My heart goes out to all who lost loved ones. And my heart goes out to everyone else, too.

This moment feels so rich. The Now tastes so sweet. What a gift this moment is.

Proposed LiB Workshop

Promo pic for LiB?

“Service Without Sacrifice – Changing the world while having a blast.”

Too often we do “good deeds” from a place of sacrifice or guilt. And while a negative impetus can be good at starting a behavior change, it is personally depleting and inevitably ineffective. But if we focus on the good feelings associated with helping someone, we can develop a strong selfish motivation. The world changes when we recognize that, “Your Joy Brings Me Joy.”

By “selfishly” working on ourselves and getting clear inside, we have no choice but to act as instruments of Love in the world. Halcyon will share the uplifting (and no pressure) “Belief Buffet” message of his weekly Hug Nation broadcast and how it has transformed his life and others’ to one of joyous service. Workshop will conclude with a Hug Nation intentional group hug & meditation.

Halcyon was the 2001 Webby Award winner for “CockyBastard.com” but pushed his Self-Love (narcissism?) to it’s logical conclusion of Universal Love. He now hosts the weekly “Hug Nation” broadcast (which won another Webby in 2007) and speaks frequently on Gifting & Gratitude. He is a co-founder of 1stSaturdays, a Homeless outreach program based heavily on Burning Man principles and former host of NBC.com’s “Fears. Regrets. Desires.” His 40th birthday is also on May 28th, during the festival – now wouldn’t that just be perfect? <3