Proposed LiB Workshop

Promo pic for LiB?

“Service Without Sacrifice – Changing the world while having a blast.”

Too often we do “good deeds” from a place of sacrifice or guilt. And while a negative impetus can be good at starting a behavior change, it is personally depleting and inevitably ineffective. But if we focus on the good feelings associated with helping someone, we can develop a strong selfish motivation. The world changes when we recognize that, “Your Joy Brings Me Joy.”

By “selfishly” working on ourselves and getting clear inside, we have no choice but to act as instruments of Love in the world. Halcyon will share the uplifting (and no pressure) “Belief Buffet” message of his weekly Hug Nation broadcast and how it has transformed his life and others’ to one of joyous service. Workshop will conclude with a Hug Nation intentional group hug & meditation.

Halcyon was the 2001 Webby Award winner for “” but pushed his Self-Love (narcissism?) to it’s logical conclusion of Universal Love. He now hosts the weekly “Hug Nation” broadcast (which won another Webby in 2007) and speaks frequently on Gifting & Gratitude. He is a co-founder of 1stSaturdays, a Homeless outreach program based heavily on Burning Man principles and former host of’s “Fears. Regrets. Desires.” His 40th birthday is also on May 28th, during the festival – now wouldn’t that just be perfect? <3

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