Beautiful Disaster

I am filled with mixed feelings as I see photos of wreckage and destruction.

But the strongest feeling is that of appreciation and awe.
I am reminded of how fragile existence is and how swiftly things change.

How quickly politics and celebrity weirdness fade to nothingness in my mind. All that is important is relationships. My mind goes to my parents. To my brother & his kids. To my lover and to my friends.
I don’t worry about their safety – instead I am reminded to treasure each moment with them.
I am reminded of the preciousness of the Now.

I tear up at the beautiful frailty of it all. My gratitude and appreciation soars.

Nature is a volatile place. It is a place of violent shifts.

It is a good reminder to become aware that, in nature, all living things are struggling to stay alive. And all will die.

This is just the way it is.

Rather than see this as tragic, we should marvel at the amazing set of circumstances that life is able to exists at all.

We do ourselves a disservice to pretend that life is safe. We build up all sorts of systems and sacrifice our rights in hopes of security… But security is a myth.

Life is a terminal condition.

Natural disasters are…well…natural.

And whether it is the pressure of Teutonic plates or the pressure of unjust politics – eventually violent shifts occur.

So while I feel the pain of so much loss, I also feel a renewed vibrancy to life. I feel a deeper connection to all who enjoy the miracle of consciousness on this fragile planet.

My heart goes out to all who lost loved ones. And my heart goes out to everyone else, too.

This moment feels so rich. The Now tastes so sweet. What a gift this moment is.

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