Dream Job

I’ve got a new gig.
Co-founded a new company, actually.

It’s called, “Altly” and it has the modest aim of providing an alternative to Facebook.

The CEO and visionary of Altly is my best friend and frequent collaborator, Dmitry Shapiro.
We met at CollegeClub.com over 10 years ago. Back then we helped build a 4 million member social network for college kids. Basically it was Facebook, but WAY too early.
We’ve both spent the last 10 years pushing the digital envelope in different directions – exploring the potential of the web.
In some ways, the social network-connected world of today is the realization of a dream we’ve been brainstorming for a decade. But the current system misses the mark in many critical ways.
It is too early for me to talk about details. But I promise it will be awesome.
Stay tuned…
(& get notified of launch: http://www.Altly.com/)

Chief Morality Officer, Altly, Inc.

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  1. Got my name reserved.

    (Long time reader, first time poster. THANKS! Thanks for everything.)

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