Old Job: Newsletter Writer.

Here’s an example of a newsletter I used to write for ******** Affiliate Program.

I was in a bathhouse yesterday when American Idol finalist Bo Bice sat down next to me and started massaging my neck.
He quietly started singing an unfamiliar song in my ear…
“When it comes to booze, we all love tonic and gin 
And when it comes to payouts, we all love the new Win-Win
But I’ll tell you pink haired fellow, the pop-ups have taken their toll… 
When will ***********launch WIN WIN No Console????”
I spun around, told him he wasn’t my type, and then sang back in my best Bruce Dickinson voice,
“We’re Rocking the Win-Win Classic… 
We’re Rocking the Win Win Classic…
$50 per conversion, $5 per failed conversion, Yeah! 
And No Consoles, baby..No Consoles Baby, No Consoles, Yeahhhhhh
Just Tons of Cash as we rock the Win Win Classic!”
Okay, truth be told, * most* of that story is made up.
I’ve never met Bo Bice.
But ************did* just launch a no-console version of the Win-Win payout.
And yes, I *am* rocking the Win-Win Classic.
*cue guitar solo*
Now, what’s new in ***********land…

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