I am VERY excited to be speaking at my childhood church this Saturday at 5pm.

2877 Governor Drive
San Diego, CA 92122

It is a wonderful, open & accepting church. And I hope that you can join me!

I went to Sunday School there. I went to confirmation classes there. At the end of confirmation classes, I told my minister that I believed that Jesus was an exceptional man…but no more a son of god than anyone else. The minister respected my opinion and asked if I wanted to be confirmed anyway – for my family. Questioning was healthy, he said. I was confirmed in front of my family and grandparents.

I had a period of anger towards the church, but it has passed. I now have a deep admiration for those who follow Jesus as a teacher, and a sadness for those who get caught in the dogmic traps of church hierarchy and rules. The term “Christian” to me, no longer means much – far too much variety lives under that umbrella. But it no longer has a negative meaning to me.

My mom (who I connect deeply with, spiritually) goes to church every week & sings in the choir. I formed with Jason, a devout Christian. I spent LOTS of time with my grandpa, a baptist minister. I LOVE Jesus. I love the sermon on the mount. And I love & admire many Christians. Sadly , much of the behavior seen from churches & people claiming to be Christian is not very Jesus-like. But that doesn’t diminish the teachings.

Christianity is a wonderful path for many people. If it works to help you be a more loving, peaceful person, then YAY! All religions are true and perfect for those they resonate with.


Talk info:
“Attitude of Gratitude”
With John Styn
Saturday afternoon, June 25, at 5:11 p.m. on the church patio
This 5:11 Contemporary Gathering will feature “Love Ambassador” and dynamic speaker John Styn, who will address the topic of Gratitude.
Styn hosts a weekly online broadcast called “HugNation” in which people from around the world tune in to hear him address daily topics and share “virtual hugs” with each other. You can find out more on his web site:

The 5:11 Contemporary Gatherings are based on Psalms 5:11. Childcare is provided and refreshments served afterwards. We are a progressive and inclusive congregation and all are welcome. We look forward to meeting you!

2877 Governor Drive
San Diego, CA 92122

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  1. United Church of Christ is cool, as churches go – my daughter’s theatre group uses their church in Mission Hills for practice and shows – and they do seem very liberal and accepting of all. Another one is the Unitarian Church – we went to their preschool, also in Mission Hills and loved their open doors (great rummage sales, too!).

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