Burning Man Fundraiser

Pink Heart is a place to nourish and support the growth of Love.
Campmates contribute time, money, and energy to create a magical space filled with shade, comfort, & bliss.
Over the last 2 years we’ve given hundreds of gallons of iced cucumber water & thousands of servings of vegan ice cream….in the desert.
Be a part & help us spread the gifts.

Help Bring Cold Yummy Creamy Bliss to the Hot Playa.

Here’s the problem:

We have THOUSANDS of servings of amazing, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, GMO free, cruelty-free Coconut Bliss ice-cream donated & ready to be gifted.

But we need to get it to the Playa! (The truck we had lined up just pulled out.) We need at least $1500 to get a refrigerated truck, gas & insurance so we can get the ice cream to Burning Man, keep it cold, and spread the yumminess.


*contribute $25 or more and receive a Pink Heart gift package with a reusable metal water bottle, DVD, & sticker!
**We tried to do this via Kickstarter.com, but they rejected us. 🙁

Visit us at 9:30 & Esplanade!

3 thoughts on “Burning Man Fundraiser”

  1. I thought burning man was supposed to be noncommercial. Why are you letting these companies advertise themselves via your participation in burning man and your use of burning man’s name on this site?

    Why are you selling bottles with the burning man name and ostensible logo on it?

    Yes, you are giving gifts, blah blah blah but you are still facilitating commercial advertising at the event and using its name in connection with these commercial messages on your site.

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