Freya & B.

Freya & goddesses
Her transformation began weeks ago.
After the first day of Eve’s workshop I could already sense a shift in B.
Every Sunday for 6 weeks is a big commitment – but the commitment to the process was far more impressive.
The workshop was about discovering the goddess within through a process of study & dance. Finally culminating in a performance.
Each woman chose a different goddess from a different tradition.
B. choose the Norse goddess Freya early in the process. Freya called to her and quickly began to grow inside her.
It was such a gift to see B open up to her inner power over the following weeks.
She made costumes, selected music, and scripted an interpreted dance to tell the story of Freya.
But what opened inside B. was much more than a connection to a myth. It was a connection to her own power. A connection to Source.
2 months ago at Burning Man, B. & I did an interpretive dance performance. We were both nervous, but it went beautifully.
Last night’s performance was entirely different.
In fact, the term “performance” doesn’t fit. The women were not performing for an audience. They were channeling an experience – and allowing us to witness.
I don’t want to cheapen their displays with description – but they were amazing. I was humbled and inspired. As with previous Soul Voice performances I’ve seen, the feminine power shared was so raw and real – it transcended sexiness. They were erotic in a spiritual way. Our culture is so hung up on suppressed sexuality that we rarely see the sacred purity of feminine sexuality.
The dances may have involved female bodies – but they channeled divinity.
As I was pulled into the swirling energy of each woman I occasionally had the thought: These women walk among us?! How blessed life is.
B had shared with – many times over the last few weeks – her performance plan. I was impressed. She was so confident and grounded in the bold direction she wanted to go. I tried to be supportive as possible – to her process and her performance.
When it was her turn, I turned on the video camera and nervously watched her begin. 15 seconds in, the music stopped. the music had a technical problem. I about died. Helping her edit her song was one of the ways I had tried to help…and it looked like I may have ruined her night! The intimate crowd began to Om to fill the silence as B & Eve figured out the music challenge. A minute later, B began again.
I turned off the video camera.
I opened my eyes and heart.
And I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever met become something divine.
I feel so honored to have been allowed to witness such an evening with such a group of people.
Thank you Eve. Thank you, Freya. Thank you goddesses of our community.
Thank you, B. for all the magic and all the mundane.
I feel so blessed to share my heart & life with you.

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